Physics Projects For Class 9

by admin on September 13, 2012

Physics, originated from the Greek term Physic “nature”, is a branch of natural science that deals with the study of matter, its movement through time and space, along with relevant concepts like force and energy. To explain clearly, Physics is the basic analysis of nature, carried out in order to identify the way universe behaves.

Physics is an old academic field, in fact is the oldest through the addition of astronomy. During the past two millennia, physics was considered as a portion of natural philosophy along with certain branches of mathematics, biology and chemistry. However, throughout the Scientific Revolution in seventeenth century, natural science became popular as a versatile research program in its own style. Physics interconnects with various interdisciplinary fields of science and research, like quantum chemistry and biophysics, and its limits are not strictly defined. Its new ideas usually explain the basic mechanisms of remaining sciences, while opening fresh avenues of study in fields like philosophy and mathematics.

Following are some physics project ideas for Class 9 students:

  • Vibrating coin
  • Pythagorean Tuning
  • Make objects float
  • Tensile Stress-Strain Properties in Materials
  • Levers and force
  • What types of wood burn the fastest
  • Black Hole
  • Create lightening
  • Rubber heat reaction
  • Long lasting bubbles
  • Newton Isaac: What Did Newton Invent?
  • Matchbox guitar
  • Snappy sounds
  • Make electric circuits
  • Egg in a bottle
  • Cavendish Henry: Weighing the Earth
  • Density of Various Materials
  • Buoyancy
  • Make a parallel circuit

  • Test the strength of different fabrics
  • Bernoulli’s Principle
  • Nuclear Radiation – Nature and Dangers
  • Additive colors
  • Floating balloon
  • Why is the Sky Blue?
  • Musical bottles
  • Build an inclinometer
  • Sound & Matter
  • Make a fuse model
  • Make an elevator
  • Pascal’s law
  • Galileo Thermometer
  • Super strength egg
  • Galileo’s experiment
  • Spectrum of Light: Discovery Milestones
  • Secondary colors
  • Density, Basic Concepts
  • Jar compass
  • Make static electricity
  • Friction and vibration
  • Separate salt and pepper
  • Spectrum through water
  • Lift an ice cube
  • Light Energy Effects on Matter
  • Surface Tension and 3D Soap Films
  • Floating ball experiment
  • Sound waves
  • Missing reflection
  • Roller coasters and loops
  • Roller Coaster Physics
  • Build an electromagnet
  • Static electricity
  • Heat Absorption
  • Elmer’s Glue Viscosity
  • Magnified light
  • Ice Experiments
  • Water displacement
  • Balloon rocket car
  • Paper bridge
  • Coin Science Project
  • Inertia of an egg

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